Learn about Micro-Renewable Energy and how to assess it financially, so you can buy it or sell it with confidence! Once you’ve completed the first two renewable energy courses you can begin a journey towards becoming an Energy Futurist. Energy Futurists are increasingly becoming hot commodities in the workplace. They can influence both short and long-term decisions for many businesses looking at cutting costs or interested in future risks and opportunities.

Examples of Energy Futurists

Names, images and places have been changed as we take Data Protection very seriously
Meet Jennifer Liszt. She’s a mum living with her daughter. Jennifer was trying to find condensed knowledge, where all the technologies were in one place, so as to help her understand how they worked. Also she found that these courses went one stage better. They also taught her how to assess any technology financially, using metrics that not even the salesmen use (because although they are not complicated, they are not often utilised as many renewable companies believe customers want instant satisfaction, are too dumb to understand them or they prefer to rely on payback times – which of course are highly misleading!)

She was interesting in becoming a blogger and wanted to focus on subjects such as renewable energy, especially small scale. Jennifer completed our course. She is now writing regular blogs on Micro-Renewable Energy.

Jennifer contacted our Course Tutor to see if he could provide full course notes for the first course as she liked to have them in transcript form. If you want to do that you can also contact our Tutor once you have signed up and started the course.

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