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Time for you to join the good people and obtain a good income at the same time. You can make a difference in a big way. Energy Futurists are influential people who have specialist knowledge of future trends that allow them to make and help others invest in new types of technology, from micro-renewable energy on homes and small businesses, to Space Based Solar Power. The average income of an Energy Futurist is almost limitless and often that can be extra to their current employment. Want to know more? Click here (no email subscription required).

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Do you want to learn how to invest wisely in Renewable Energy with a greater deal of confidence?

Our course covers how to go beyond payback times and use professional investment methods to work out if buying renewable energy of any size is a worthwhile investment.

We teach you what the installers and salesmens often fail to show you because they in adequately trained in financial methods.


Why rely on installers to provide you false forecasts and oddly calculated misleading payback times?

No need to guess anymore if your money is being well spent on renewable energy. You will be able to know virtually for sure!


Learn about 6 key technologies that can transform your home or business into a renewable energy producer, with a steady income, and lower overheads.

We’ll teach you about:

  • Solar Photovoltaics
  • Solar Thermal
  • Heat Pumps
  • Small Scale Wind Power
  • Small Scale Water Power
  • Battery Technology

The great thing is that what you learn here can be upscaled to larger sizes of similar technologies!


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  • People who have used the skills and information we’ve taught them 100% 100%


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Micro-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) – for Heating Your Home?

Have you checked your electricity bill recently? Does it seem rather on the high side? Would you like to reduce it? Do you remember the Winter Storm called Diego which rushed into California in the winter of 2013-2014? When power was cut off, flights traffic snarled...

Biomass Heating – a Waste of Money or a Sound Investment?

Biomass heating? It seems an attractive proposition – to produce heat using waste products. But just how viable is it? Biomass can be used to heat and to generate electricity (or a combination of the two) but its main use is to provide heating As we are becoming...

Energy from High Altitude Balloons

  Energy from High Altitude Balloons Image reproduced with kind permission Altaeros Have you ever watched high clouds scudding across the sky, and maybe wondered, "Where they are going and where do they come from"? And have you noticed how they seem to flow past...

Wave Power – the What, the Where and the Cost?

Imagine standing on the gently shelving beach, the little waves lapping at your feet. Did you ever imagine the power the waves held? And have you ever stood on the shores of the sea and heard the raw power of the waves crashing on the cliffs? Do you remember that...

Smart Grids and Micro-Renewable Energy

The diagram illustrates the sources of renewable energy which might be engaged in a smart grid The Challenge Another energy bill lands on your doorstep. But what does it mean? Who is raking in the money? And why, why is it so expensive? Many of us area tiny little bit...

How the Allies Stopped Hitler from Obtaining a Nuclear Bomb & what it teaches us

During World War 2 the exceptional bravery and courage of a group of saboteurs managed to stop Adolf Hitler and the Nazis from obtaining a nuclear weapon. We have suggested in our course that in the future one method to solve a future loss of oil, gas and coal would...

A Brief History of Wind Power

  Before recorded history no doubt mankind used wind power – we just don’t know how the very earliest users used it. But imagine the stone age scene: a child laughing as she watches the autumn leaves blown off a tree and catching them, just as today's children...