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Become an Energy Futurist - a career you can do from home

An Energy Futurist can command a very high salary or work for themselves as a remote contractor. With the right knowledge, you will join an elite group of specialists who know about things such as Net Energy, EROIE, how to calculate NPV and IRR, financially assess renewable energy, and understand how it works at small and large scale. You can help solve climate change knowing the future of energy as well as how to deploy it in a small scale. You can be the change. You can learn this from your laptop, using our courses beamed by the magic of the internet all the way from the City of London, the financial capital of the world. Our courses are:-


  • Easy to learn
  • Focused on micro-renewable energy and large scale
  • Packed with knowledge that will help you create a sustainable career in a growth industry. Green jobs are the future
  • Able to give you an unfair advantage over other students at university who only learn the physics and don’t have a comprehensive overall knowledge of the business from someone who has 20 years experience (John Clarkson, a leading expert, designed all the courses that Tatjana presents on video)
  • Value for money – no courses out there are at such a low price. John Clarkson who is very wealthy, being an Energy Futurist, is virtually giving away his knowledge. 

Brand New UDEMY Courses available today!


All of our courses are uploaded to UDEMY, a third-party hosting company that focuses on providing you our courses on their excellent learning management system platform. That means we don’t collect your data when you join.


  • Our Expertise as rated by customers 98% 98%
  • Satisfied Customers 100% 100%
  • Course Quality Rating by Customers 97% 97%
  • People who have used the skills and information we’ve taught them 100% 100%

Want to change careers? Need independent career advice?

John Clarkson offers a paid service for people wanting to change careers. For example are you working in the fossil fuel industry and want to now how you can get into the renewable energy sector?

With 20 years + John will give you professional careers advice. Time is obviously money to John, so the charges are given below. You will be advised if you are eligible for this service after you contact him. Please provide as much information as possible on your message below.

Careers Advice Request / Scientific Consultancy

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Learn why Easter Island’s history is like our Earth’s future

 Here’s something you need to know.

Knowledge will only get you so far. What you need is a guide. Someone who has been there and knows the way ahead.

This college provides courses that:-

  • Saves you money on expensive traditional colleges, because we’re totally online
  • Makes you money because you can use our courses to invest in renewable energy but the information is transferable to investments in general.
  • Obtain a long-term career in a niche field of expertise. There are only a few thousand Energy Futurists on planet Earth. If we are to solve climate change we need a lot more embedded in every kind of company
  • Takes the power away from the salesmen who come knocking at your door trying to sell renewable energy to you
  • Helps salesmen of renewable energy sell more and in a more ethical way

Do you want to know these secrets?

You will understand a range of information that only a handful of specialist Energy Futurists have learned. They now write books and give lectures. You can join them in your nation, and provide sound advice to politicians and investors on the right approach to deploying the right kind of renewable energy.

Why is this important?

It is important because we have to take sides. We can either be like the people of Easter Island (watch the amazing film) and let our resources dwindle, or do something.

To do something you need knowledge. Want that knowledge? Keep reading.


Do you want to learn how to invest wisely in Renewable Energy with a greater deal of confidence?

Our course covers how to go beyond payback times and use professional investment methods to work out if buying renewable energy of any size is a worthwhile investment.

We teach you what the installers and salesmens often fail to show you because they in adequately trained in financial methods.


Why rely on installers to provide you false forecasts and oddly calculated misleading payback times?

No need to guess anymore if your money is being well spent on renewable energy. You will be able to know virtually for sure!


Learn about 6 key technologies that can transform your home or business into a renewable energy producer, with a steady income, and lower overheads.

We’ll teach you about:

  • Solar Photovoltaics
  • Solar Thermal
  • Heat Pumps
  • Small Scale Wind Power
  • Small Scale Water Power
  • Battery Technology

The great thing is that what you learn here can be upscaled to larger sizes of similar technologies!

Why Lithium batteries aren’t the Solution

 What’s joins a Bolivian desert, a Tibetan River, dead livestock and animals, and your smartphone and laptop? You may have guessed it: lithium-ion batteries. Ever since the protests of 2016 in Tagong, where Tibetan protestors threw dead fishing onto the town’s streets...

Small Government helps Climate Change

My title is a bit misleading. This blog is about the ideal form of government and its impact on the future. If we want to have clean air, water and food; if we want to have lower wealth gap between rich and poor; if we want to solve climate change and create a space...

Surviving the Power Outages

THE PROBLEM The USA power grid is about 30 years old. Many power stations are in an awful state. Most of them should have been shut down by now. However, companies have kept them going. The same goes for the transmission system, with its step up and step down voltage...

Can We Run Vehicles on Compressed Air?

What would it be like if your local garage ran out of fuel? And it will happen..the only question – is  - when? But the air if free and pollution-free – so can cars run on fresh air? The answers is that – yes – they can. But… Air alone cannot be used as fuel, It...

Energy From the Deep

The Sub-Sea Economy of the Future Energy from the deep? How and why should we get this? Over 70% surface of our world is water - yet men can’t live or work at the bottom of the ocean. It’s too cold – if it were colder the water would turn to ice. Cold water is heavier...

Energy from Waste

Energy from waste - what an attractive proposition! I can remember when the refuse collectors went on strike in the city of Liverpool UK. The streets stank! Overflowing bins, boxes open to the air, plastic bags splitting and spewing. It was disgusting and potentially...

Geothermal Energy – Where in the USA Can it be Used?

America leads the way! America produces more energy from geothermal sources than any other country in the world. California has the largest group of geothermal energy plants in the world. “The Geysers” have over 700MW capacity. 23 countries generated 77 billion kWh of...


Valery Danko, Executive Broadcaster of the Future of Energy College heads up our Media team in partnership with Perimetr Films.

Valery has travelled to interviewe Michael Loweth (Oxford Space Systems) Professor Naoki Shinohara (Kyoto University, Japan) and Melissa Thorpe (Spaceport Cornwall). Contributions have also been supplied by Paul Jaffe (US Naval Laboratory, in an interview recorded in the US Navy’s Hollywood studio). Valery has also been flying in the most amazing adventure yet. We’re keeping why under wraps for now!

Here we present the trailer of our latest documentary:-


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