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The Future of Energy College is here to help you learn about how humans will attempt to solve three problems. These are Climate Change, the loss of fossil fuels to the economy and exponential demand for more energy. If you think about these you will quickly understand that it is not an easy task and won’t be easily solved. You are the solution. Namely your knowledge in action is the solution.

Where do you obtain this knowledge? Who has this expertise? Is it found in universities and mainstream colleges? The answer is no, because what they teach you is what their masters, the people who fund them want you to know. Many are funded by oil, gas, coal and corrupt government bodies with ties to polluting industries. We’re here to provide this missing knowledge that only comes from Energy Futurists. We teach concepts and measurements such as EROIE, LCOE, NPV, how to estimate future incomes and long-term profits using stock market methods, Net Energy, and the impact of exponential growth and the Rule of 70.

We also create bespoke Net Zero courses for your business, to help you advertise yourself as a green business. We do this by helping you add up your CO2 equivalent emissions and looking at areas for improvement. This work is carried out by Perimetr Business Services our partner company that works exclusively for the Future of Energy College.  We also put you in touch with Perimetr Films which will help you create relevatn video advertising. Contact us for more details.



For any one who professes to be an Energy Futurist, Environmentalist, or expert in climate change solutions, this course is a must do! If you are not aware of space based solar power then you are out in the cold of freezing outer space! 

This is a brand new course normally retailing at $199.99 but for a limited period heavily discounted by Udemy. We use Udemy because they screen all courses for quality and provide you with a guarantee. Enjoy our trip into the future, but the future is nearly here. 

The first Lecture is FREE as is the lesson on airships. We also have a FREE rocket course and orbital mechanics course within the course once it is purchased.


This course has had over 4000 satisfied students on Udemy. It will teach you about concepts such as Energy Return on Investment of Energy, Quality of energy, and exponential growth of demand and decline in non-renewable resources. Your skills will increase as a result of understanding that it is not ‘finds’ that matter but usage! We’ll teach you about the limits of terrestrial energy as well as the 3 major types of energy economies.


This course is designed to help businesses and customers utilise simple stock market techniques to assess the profitability of purchasing renewable energy systems. We have had some great feedback and reviews.


This course is designed to teach you about the major domestic to small scale sized renewable energy systems on the market.

These are solar PV, Solar Hot Water Heating, Heat Pumps, small-scale wind power and small scale water turbines. These technologies currently dominate the market.


Knowledge will only get you so far. What you need is a guide. Someone who has been there and knows the way ahead.

This college provides courses that:-

  • Saves you money on expensive traditional colleges, because we’re totally online
  • Makes you money because you can use our courses to invest in renewable energy but the information is transferable to investments in general.
  • Obtain a long-term career in a niche field of expertise. There are only a few thousand Energy Futurists on planet Earth. If we are to solve climate change we need a lot more embedded in every kind of company
  • Takes the power away from the salesmen who come knocking at your door trying to sell renewable energy to you
  • Helps salesmen of renewable energy sell more and in a more ethical way
  • Do you want to know these secrets?

You will understand a range of information that only a handful of specialist Energy Futurists have learned. They now write books and give lectures. You can join them in your nation, and provide sound advice to politicians and investors on the right approach to deploying the right kind of renewable energy.

Why is this important?

It is important because we have to take sides. We can either be like the people of Easter Island (watch the amazing film) and let our resources dwindle, or do something.


  • Our Expertise as rated by customers 98% 98%
  • Satisfied Customers 100% 100%
  • Course Quality Rating by Customers 97% 97%
  • People who have used the skills and information we’ve taught them 100% 100%

Why is finding a solution to energy and climate change a problem?

The answer to that is given in this film by Valery Danko, our Executive Broadcaster, in a film made by Perimetr Films – a company we partner with to produce all these courses.

Financing Space Solar Power

This is a link to my post on the Living Universe Foundation. This is one of a number on the subject of Space based Solar Power.

Nuclear is not Clean Energy

Nuclear power imposes high liabilities on taxpayers, is dangerous to some extent, as we have witnessed in Japan, due to flooding, and you cannot greenwash all the pollution involved in the mining of materials to build these vast plants. They might not emit CO2...

Why Lithium batteries aren’t the Solution

 What’s joins a Bolivian desert, a Tibetan River, dead livestock and animals, and your smartphone and laptop? You may have guessed it: lithium-ion batteries. Ever since the protests of 2016 in Tagong, where Tibetan protestors threw dead fishing onto the town’s streets...

Small Government helps Climate Change

My title is a bit misleading. This blog is about the ideal form of government and its impact on the future. If we want to have clean air, water and food; if we want to have lower wealth gap between rich and poor; if we want to solve climate change and create a space...

Surviving the Power Outages

THE PROBLEM The USA power grid is about 30 years old. Many power stations are in an awful state. Most of them should have been shut down by now. However, companies have kept them going. The same goes for the transmission system, with its step up and step down voltage...

Can We Run Vehicles on Compressed Air?

What would it be like if your local garage ran out of fuel? And it will happen..the only question – is  - when? But the air if free and pollution-free – so can cars run on fresh air? The answers is that – yes – they can. But… Air alone cannot be used as fuel, It...

Energy From the Deep

The Sub-Sea Economy of the Future Energy from the deep? How and why should we get this? Over 70% surface of our world is water - yet men can’t live or work at the bottom of the ocean. It’s too cold – if it were colder the water would turn to ice. Cold water is heavier...


Valery Danko, Executive Broadcaster of the Future of Energy College heads up our Media team in partnership with Perimetr Films.

Valery has travelled to interviewe Michael Loweth (Oxford Space Systems) Professor Naoki Shinohara (Kyoto University, Japan) and Melissa Thorpe (Spaceport Cornwall). Contributions have also been supplied by Paul Jaffe (US Naval Laboratory, in an interview recorded in the US Navy’s Hollywood studio). Valery has also been flying in the most amazing adventure yet. We’re keeping why under wraps for now!

Here we present the trailer of our latest documentary:-


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