Customer’s Recommend our Courses

Customers are never wrong, so here is a great selection of their views on both of our courses:-


Akshay G Magaji, one of our best students states about our Micro-Renewable Energy Course for Beginners:-

“The content of the course has provided how to calculate solar energy, and also clear understanding of all the factors which it is dependent on.”

Elizabeth Horder, a student of our Micro-Renewable Energy Course from Belgium says:-

“Quality great and I was able to learn a great deal from the course which is very nicely set out. I had one little difficulty right at the start – but I contacted John who responded very quickly and set me on the right track.”

Suni Thakur a student of our courses commented on our Finance for Micro-Renewable Energy for Professionals/Customers:-

“Fantastic course. I am a trader in the financial markets (stocks and currencies) so I strongly recommend this course for understanding about investing in micro-renewable energy.”