The USA power grid is about 30 years old. Many power stations are in an awful state. Most of them should have been shut down by now. However, companies have kept them going. The same goes for the transmission system, with its step up and step down voltage transmission systems. Renewable energy systems have often placed a strain on the system due to their intermittent nature. However, the main stress is weather. Extremely hot or cold weather is having a deep impact on power grids across the USA when it comes to power outages.

The USA grid system is divided into the West, Texas and East. The West and East are vulnerable to hot weather. This is because forests catch fire and bring down power lines. This can create a cascade of problems. A domino effect brings the grid down as power systems and stations shut down to survive. Texas is built for the heat, so it is affected by adversely cold weather. This is cureable but the companies have failed to insulate some components or repair and upgrade them.


The collapse of a modern power system can create a range of problems for you. These include: lack of energy for cooking, no water as water is often piped to buildings by electric pumps, no lighting, loss of communications and public services in disarray. Furthermore, if the power outage is at night in major crime areas, a lack of external and domestic security.


How do you survive this problem, which is going to get worse over the coming decades?

The answer is to be more self-sufficient and better prepared. At all times you should carry a first aid kit.

If you own a gun, you should service it regularly and keep it on you at all times. It is the often the only protection you will have during a crisis. However, you should only point a gun at someone if you intend to kill them for reasons of self-defence.

If you do not own a gun you are often a lot safer in every day life. However, during a power outage the benefits of gun ownership and knowing how to use it are invaluable.

You need to work out a way to find access to water. This might mean storage tanks or living near a fresh water stream. All water should be boiled or filtered before use. Water is life. You can go without food for 40 days but within a few days of lacking water you will die. This should be priority task carried out now. 

Solving your energy crisis means understanding generating your own. The easiest way is to have a portable home generator, or two if you can afford them, and a store of fuel to operate them. Alternatively you can have a solar power system with a battery store such as described in our course on micro-renewable energy. See here:-

Micro-renewable energy for beginners


This course covers a number of different small scale renewable energy systems for domestic properties and will help you to utiilise your environment in terms of deciding which technology is viable.

If you own your home and have a means to make a fire from wood, get local blacksmith to make you one for indoors. Obtain a builder to safely fit it to your home. This can help you cook food and survive in cold weather. 

Build a solar oven. This can help you save fuel. They are easy to build. Details are on google.

Store as much preserved food as possible. Tinned food is ideal as it does not require refrigeration. Store lots of protein rich foods, such as peanut butter. Make sure you have fruits as well as vegetables in tins. Vitamin C deficiency will give you scurvy.

Start the process of learning about minimalist food intake by becoming an expert vegan. Buy fresh food by the way during the good times, and build your body. Try to make it both strong and in particular build stamina. Stamina that will allow you to walk 6 miles a day over rough terrain. Learn how to build temporary outdoor shelters in defensible positions.

Building your food store in a secret location within the house, so anyone entering it does not know where it is kept. This is important because in times of want, people might seek you out as a source of food. Your food is your survival. It is largely each for himself in such crises. That is unless you have created a community approach (see later).

If you are alone, you may need to defend what you have from people who will kill you in order to obtain it. Ideally create an escape plan in order to take to the hills. If you have a family everyone should be armed and trained properly in self-defence and use of weapons, as well as having a fall back plan if you become outnumbered.

Invest money now in taking medical and surgery courses for the purposes of survival. In the case of a prolonged  power outage access to medical services will be limited. Therefore learn first aid and secondary medical assessment and treatment knowledge. Accept that doctors will not be available.

Do not rely on the US, State or County governments to survive. In order to take the above plan to a new level, involve your community in it. Remember this: individualism, antagonism or racism will not help you survive. Friendship and community will help you emerge from a long term power outage. Help one another and you won’t need to be so well trained to defend yourself or your family. Don’t think this won’t happen. Believe it will and plan ahead. ‘Be prepared’ as the famous British leader of the scouts once said.


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