My title is a bit misleading. This blog is about the ideal form of government and its impact on the future. If we want to have clean air, water and food; if we want to have lower wealth gap between rich and poor; if we want to solve climate change and create a space based civilisation; we should strive for better government systems, wherever we live.

Tax is the largest amount of money you will pay in your life. It is more than any other expense. It goes to a range of state run services, including armed forces, social welfare, education and healthcare. It also goes to run the democratic system and the large numbers of bureaucrats needed to collect the tax, or agencies employed to do bureaucratic tasks and functions.

It has always been the case that less taxes help people to be more productive. It has also been the case that ownership of assets is more valuable due to being able to obtain rents from that land (either via farmers or buildings etc). Greater productivity is always better than rents which merely create losses amongst the non-asset owning groups. This means the rich get richer the poor get poorer. 

The quickest solution is to eliminate all personal and sales taxes. Then replace them all with a single Land Tax. This is called Georgism named after Henry George. It is far more equitable system of tax collection. This would stop capital flight by rich corporations to tax havens and thus more tax would be collected if corporations only were taxed at 15%.

Once this is in place we need to prevent corruption in government. Banks should not be controlling politicians or political parties via undue influence through various supporting people or corporations via lobbying and fund raising. We can no longer tolerate a Whatsapp culture of cronyism and corruption. Dodgy David Cameron and Boris Johnson in the UK are just a few of those globally we recognise as people taking huge liberties with the regulations and rules. They have connections to potential enemy oligarchs and criminals. That cannot be allowed in any future government if we are to solve our environmental and social problems.

The solution is to divorce government from fundings. No political parties should be allowed. Imagine a system where decisions are made based on an ideology – a set of ideas – rather than the repeatable scientific evidence!  For example, Bolsanaro in Brazil rejected medical evidence of covid-19 and decided to keep his economy running, on the basis that more harm would occur if he didn’t. The government were unable to borrow money from the future to fund the people. Instead money got pumped into big businesses affected by covid. That’s how ideology triumphs over science. That’s unacceptable. A similar debacle occurred under Donald Trump and Boris Johnson in the UK.

To eliminate this connection we must ban all political parties. Also all candidates must have at least one Masters degree in one government related subject: economics, maths, history, a major science and all must have at least 1 A-Level in Sustainable Development or similar.

Advisors are often used by politicians to help them make decisions. However, advisors are often dodgy, with bad reputations, bought and paid for by banks, with conflicts of interest and not accountable to the public. Advisors should be employed as civil servants to make them accountable. However, there’s no excuse for putting an ignorant person in charge and hoping they’ll be able to understand the advice they receive! No! We must organise our government like an army, or it won’t be up the task. In the army the General in charge is also often a very experienced and highly knowledgeable person. Our governments need to be led by a similar breed of highly educated men and women of action. I stress here men and women. It must be 50/50 split and be ethically diverse.

Religion whilst being respected by government should have no place in government. Religion is unscientific and thus full of conflicting ideas. There is no place for religion in a small government. Religion is best left as a personal thing to individuals. This also prevents persecution because governments without ideologies have no reason to persecute any religion or any group.

Lobbying rights should always be given to individuals whose concerns are scrutinised carefully before being passed on and never corporations or businesses. Businesses are private matters and required no assistance by government. This includes banks and other financial services such as financial companies. The right to protest peacefully should be inalienable.

The press and media need reform. No form of state run or licence fee system should be allowed to fund any media outlet. All media are to be privately owned, but none should be given any precedence in terms of air time over another. An impartial scrutiny committee should be appointed to monitor media and press to make sure that journalists are not allowed to provide opinions or spin what are the facts. They are factual reporters not historians interpreting events. We need freedom of FAIR, IMPARTIAL speech, not freedom to tell lies. 

It was Socrates that suggested that democracy’s major flaws were the need to for education amongst the voters and the candidates. More money should therefore be funnelled from this much smaller government, without the need for special advisors, a smaller civil service and less tax administrators, into education and new technologies that can be used peacefully for the betterment of our world.





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