QUIZ 3 - Solar PV

Test your Knowledge of energy

A Salesman mentions that his company uses 250 Watt Peak panels. What does this tell you?

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A Salesman informs you that your 4 kiloWattpeak system has 16 panels. Calculate each panels Wattpeak rating.

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The system you choose has an estimated output of 8556 kWh/year in Kennebunkport, Maine, USA. What does this mean?

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In Kennebunkport, the average kWh/kWp is 1426 kWh/kWp. I have Twenty 250 Wp panels. I have an estimated output of

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My cousin in Kennebunkport 4 kWp system estimated his output to be 5704 kWh/year, but he actually made 5750 kWh/year in his first year, but only 5698 kWh/year in his second year. Why would this be?

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Which factor has more impact on output for Solar PV in northern USA?

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Why is it desirable to angle my solar PV system using the my latitude as a guide and face the array in a south or southern direction?

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Try these tests out for fun! If you do our courses you should be able to do the Medium and Harder tests easily. Try to score 5 out of 7. Good Luck!

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