QUIZ 1 - Energy

Test your Knowledge of energy

What is the definition of 'ENERGY'?

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Name all the forms of energy

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What is the difference between Non-Renewable and Renewable Energy?

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Most energy utilised in 2018 the USA is made out of

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There are 5 main forms of Renewable energy. Select the correct 5 below

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Secondary energy sources are made out of primary energy sources. These secondary sources are

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Which statement is correct?

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Try these tests out for fun! If you do our courses you should be able to do the Medium and Harder tests easily. Try to score 5 out of 7. Good Luck!

Quiz 1

Test your knowledge of energy. Difficulty Level: Beginner

Quiz 2 - Renewable Energy

Test your knowledge of renewable energy. Difficultly Level: Easy

Quiz 3 - Solar PV

Test your knowledge of Solar Energy. Difficulty Level: Medium

Quiz 4 - Future of Energy

See what you know abou the future of energy. Difficulty Level: hard