While people holiday around the Kremlin, there exists a war in the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine, a stand-off in Georgia and high tension in the Baltic States, with thousands of troops in the region. All of this is happening in Europe, 74 years after World War II ended, 40 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and 38 years after Ukraine got its independence from the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile Vladimir Putin and his criminal elites have poisoned to death an innocent woman on the streets of Salisbury in the UK, using agents whose identities are now known fully to British authorities. They also poisoned and hospitalised, as well created panic and confusion, at great expense to the British tax-payer, their intended target and his daughter plus a policeman and a friend of the victim.

All of this is surely the same at the Litvinenko murder using Polonium in many ways, the only difference being the use of a very toxic nerve agent called A-234 an organophosphate nerve agent. A nerve agent that only Russia has, and would have to be officially sanctioned for use.

Let’s face it, the people that carried out this murder were not tourists.

Let’s also realise that the thousands are disappearing in Eastern Ukraine and will no doubt have all been murdered by these fake Russian Separatists (who are just the Russian Army in disguise) or are criminal murderers and rapists who want to join in.

What has this story got to do with the future of energy? Well, unfortunately, Russia is one of the largest producers of fossil fuels on Earth. Much of it though is burned in Russia to keep warm and cook with. However, Putin is desperate to get Siberian oil onto the global markets to prop up what is best described as a failing, and flailing economy. What I mean by that is people in Russia are getting poorer whilst the oligarchs that keep in with him are getting richer.

If we don’t understand the connection between Putin, his oligarchs and fossil fuels, we fail to understand why we so desperately need to wean the Western nations off them, and use the money we save, to defend Eastern Europe against a foe that has no scruples. The quicker we do this the better.

Watch out Mr Putin, your number is soon up! Time waits for no man, let me tell you. It’s written in the stars that evil people have no place on this planet. Now we just need to take action.


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