Nuclear power imposes high liabilities on taxpayers, is dangerous to some extent, as we have witnessed in Japan, due to flooding, and you cannot greenwash all the pollution involved in the mining of materials to build these vast plants. They might not emit CO2 straight away, but many of the waste plants use fossil fuel to keep the waste cool and safe. It’s the most stupid idea to create a nuclear furnace on earth when we already have one in the sky called the Sun. It’s literally a move that has no logical basis, unless you are a greedy investment banker. (See our partner company’s soon to be released film: ‘The World Stripped Bare’ www.perimetrfilms.com/world)

The Main initial problems with Nuclear Power

The facts are without contest when it comes to how dirty nuclear energy is, even if it has a high EROIE (see our course on the Future of Energy):-

1. Mining, milling and enrichment of uranium are energy intensive and result often in CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuel

2. The energy recovery time is 15 years, depending on the richness of ores involved. If it takes a decade to make up for just the uranium side of its development it’s not worthwhile. Don’t tell the UK government though. Their bosses in the financial sector in the City of London won’t want you to spill the beans on nuclear power.

3. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says there will be 12 cancer death related to each 20 years a nuclear reactors operates. This is from the radioactive emissions from the nuclear fuel cycle and routine reactor operations. This does not include accidents or disposal activities, and nonfatal impacts are not included in the study.

4. Thermal pollution adversely effects marine ecosystems. The US nuclear power plants use a ‘Once Through’ cooling system, disposing billions of gallons of water per day at up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the surrounding water into which it is being dumped!¬†

No such thing as Safe Waste

Let’s just look at a few numbers. A typical nuclear reactor generates 20 to 30 tons of high-level nuclear waste annually. There’s no safe way to dispose of it, and it lasts for 0.25 million years!

Nuclear has amassed hundreds of thousands of tons of low-level radioactive waste, known as ‘slightly radioactive solid materials’. The industry removes liability for this by releasing it from regulatory control, and thus selling it to recycling facilities where it can end up in consumer products!

To isolate nuclear waste from people and the environment in itself requires significant energy and resources.

I won’t got into the accidents here, you can look them. They include Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Toledo, Ohio and of course Fukushima in 2011. The Toledo incident is so bad it’s best not to report it, in case crazies get ideas! We know that terrorists wanted to attack US nuclear power stations and have even eyed up British and European. Russia might consider such sabotage in an attempt to make European nations dependent on its gas.¬†


The Dept of Energy states that the ‘economic viability of nuclear’ is ‘difficult to demonstrate’. It involves massive subsidies from tax payers money!


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