What will the documentary be used for?

The documentary will be used to go alongside our course on the same subject. Snippets will also be put online. However, none of the contributors snippets will be used for advertising purposes on their own.

The documentary will also be offered to schools across the USA, UK, Europe, India and parts of Africa free of charge as a stand-alone download.

The documentary will also be offered to TV agents for potential screening by television companies around the world. However, at this stage we cannot guarantee that this will happen.





Will the documentary credit me with an appearance?


Yes, the documentary will give all those who take part full credits, including providing links if they wish to their websites, or organisations.



Will the interviewer ask me any questions that I am not forewarned about?


No, we will provide you with set number of questions. If however, the interviewer finds that they need to tease out a clarification they may rephrase the question.



Will all interviews be live or can I supply recorded answers to the questions?


As we are based in the United Kingdom we will accept recorded answers, or carry out Skype interviews if you are alright to use that kind of techology.

If you wish to you can also record your answers on a video of camera. It must be capable of HD please, though if this isn’t possible we might just use your audio. Please make sure you have a quiet room without any distractions to do such a recording. Send this to us at the email address we provided, or share it with us via Dropbox or similar so that we can download it. In Dropbox that means providing full editing rights so we can download it.



Will I receive a copy of the documentary?


Yes, upon completion we will provide you with a copy of the documentary for viewing. You may also use the documentary to advertise your own products or services. We are happy to provide you with a free licence to do so, as a thank you for assisting us.


By taking part will my image or presence be used to validate or endorse the Future of Energy College’s online products?

No, it will be made clear that your presence in the video expressly doesn’t endorse any of our products.

However, as a result of your participation we may place advertising for any of  books or articles you have written about this fascinating subject.

Do yo have any more questions? Email us today