The Future of Energy College now also makes educational documentary films for students and the general public to enjoy. These focus on the latest technology.

Our first documentary is designed to accompany a new course we are working on called ‘Energy from Space’. It will focus on Space Based Solar Power.

About Us

Valery Danko is our Executive Broadcaster tasked with the job of researching, writing and presenting the documentaries.

Valery is a qualified journalist, actress and entreprenneur, with her own business, Pigeon Tours Ltd., which operates in London.

Valery is very interested in unusual history, renewable energy and space technologies. She’s excellent at providing an entertaining and compelling view of the latest technologies that will hopefully one day assist humanity face a future energy crisis and avert Climate Change.

Our First Documentary

Space Based Solar Power

Space Based Solar Power is not hampered by day or night, weather or location. It can beam its energy back from space at any time, to anywhere there is a receiver. It thus offers the opportunity to help during emergencies, providing energy to help people survive the worst natural and man-made disasters.

Our Film Crews

We obtain our film crews from the brightest independent talents in London. We hire only the best. Many of these operate for TV companies in places like Ukraine, and some have also worked on award winning documentaries before.

Our Production Team

Headed up by John Clarkson, who is also the Producer, our production team have 15 years experience in the movie industry.

We are looking to expand this team, and with that in mind are taking steps to seek recruits from all over the world, particularly in the field of computer graphics.

Why choose Space Based Solar?

Our research shows there is an immense interest in whether nuclear and fossil fuels can be replaced by renewable energy in the future. We hope to put some scientific opinions on the subject from experts around the world. Space Based Solar Power is a little known subject that combines Space Technology and research with renewable energy. It fires the young imagination and hopefully challenges the current status quo.

Wish to take part in our Documentaries?

We are looking for experts from around the world to help us with our documentaries. If you want to appear please contact us with details about your expertise. Contributors will be given full credits.

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