John M Clarkson BA(Hons) MSc

I am a professional strategic advisor for governments, local governments and businesses in the field of energy and how to reduce bills.

My expertise is in domestic energy and insulation for homes for local governments; large scale commercial energy projects such as solar PV and wind farms.

Also I advise on space based solar power to government officials globally. If you are interested in my services please contact me using the contacts page.

My minimum fee is £900 per day in Cornwall, UK, and up to £150,000 per week for other areas. The price will depend on your needs.

The reason why I am so highly priced is because I am totally independent. I will give you objectivity that you cannot get from larger companies that have a vested interested.


I have worked for 22 years in the energy sector. I have a degree to Masters level in Climate Change & Sustainable Development and a degree in Comparative History. I am also an inventor of GPS systems and run a number of companies including Perimetr Films