Ex Luce Scientia
Valery Danko

Valery Danko

Executive Broadcaster

Valery Danko is a qualified journalist with experience of acting, presenting and running her own business. Valery provide our college with expert presentation skills for movies we are funding made by our partner company, Perimetr films (www.perimetrfilms.com)

Tatjana Anders

Tatjana Anders

Course Presenter

All of our courses are presented by actress Tatjana Anders. Tatjana is highly qualified and run her own company Teapro. 

Henry Long

Henry Long

Marketing Director

Henry has 5 years of working in marketing and went to Eton and Oxford University. 


Online College

The Future of Energy College provides online courses in subjects such as Micro-Renewable Energy and how to analyse them using stock market type techniques, which is great for customers and salesmen; and the Probable Future of Energy, where we take a look at what types of energy economies might operated in the latter half of the 21st century and beyond. It was founded by John Clarkson a climate change and sustainable development scientist with 22 years of experience in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industry.it


Educational Documentaries


We are now branching out in educational documentaries. Our first will be about Space Based Solar Power. If it is well received we shall continue with others. Valery Danko will take centre stage to act as scriptwriter and presenter, as well as carrying our vital research on the topics, so that she can deliver an amazing performance, that gets everyone interested. 

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Future of Energy College is to bring awareness of the problems facing humanity in this century and beyond when it comes to the damaging impact of fossil fuels on life on Earth from plastic and air pollution, to Climate Change; as well as the inadequacy of humans to recognise that exponential use of non-renewable resources, means that our key energy fuel, oil, may not be economic by mid-century and beyond. This means we need to find sound alternative ‘Energy economies now’ to both solve the pollution problems as well as the need for greater amounts of energy in the distant future.