“We’re heading for home, on the last shuttle service for the ‘night’ between Moon Station Obama-1 and our Terrestrial Space-base, not far from Newquay in Cornwall, in the South West of England. That’s Europe to the American’s aboard. When they arrive, they’ll be off to sunny Florida or the snows of Minnesota, or sunshine of California, spelt with a capital ‘K’. I’m off to Ireland to see the folks.

“The descent is pretty swift and we land to be greeted by our robot transport trucks, silent automobiles like most of the electric vehicles we use. They take us to our quarters for some rest and refreshments. A short flight will take me home to Ireland. This allows me to see the undersea farming and mineral development that robot ships and subs now harvest daily off the shores of Cornwall, Wales and Ireland as our plane skims along ocean at a relatively low altitude, ever since the Icelandic Volcano decided to erupt.

“There’s a cool breeze when I land. The craft I’ve flown in is refuelled using the latest synthetic fuels, made from gas. Similar synthetic fuels now replace oil to power agriculture and mining machinery. It’s not so long ago it was made from coal, with huge consequence for the environment, some of which we are still suffering. Yearly the storms get worse, but so do the winters as the Gulf Stream is slowly dying. A hundred years ago it was only slowing down, now its nearly stopped. Europe now freezes over each winter, much like central Canada.

“My small robotic electric car awaits my pleasure. I decide to take over the controls, because I get travel sick regardless of who is driving. The short journey home is silent, but the traffic jams seem to get worse each year. The computer aboard my vehicle starts to tell me the latest news. My newsfeed says that the latest Mars mission has failed. All the crew perished along with the industrial robots they were trying to land on the surface. An investigation is underway, but the AmaMusk Mars company that runs the whole show is sure that it is just a tragic accident and not something they’ll be repeating. They said that 5 years ago! No-one believes them anymore. No government can afford to support Martian missions right now. Even the Moon Mining company I work for is self-financing.

“In the distance I can see the lights of the largest Fast-Breeder Reactors in Southern Ireland. These behemoths provide 50% of our energy. Around the Atlantic there are literally thousands of wind turbines. Solar panels are now on every building, and smart grids operate to regulate the whole thing in an organised and intelligent manner. Yet, for all this advancement, the gap between the rich and poor remains. That gap is getting worse, and poverty now afflicts more than 35% of Europe, and its even higher in America. Africa is undergoing huge advancements combined with nasty prolonged religious wars.

The electrification of parts of our economy, combined with the use of Synthetic fuels for aircraft and Spacecraft, along with more use of Hydrogen has led to our civilization teetering on the brink of economic collapse several times as 21st century progressed into its twilight years. With FB nuclear reactors came the threat of nuclear terrorism! I wonder if our ancestors took the right path?…”

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